How to Season Wood Cutting Boards

All wood cutting boards and butcher blocks require an occasional re-seasoning. Eventually a wood cutting board will become so used over time that it will require complete refinishing. When refinishing a wood cutting board or butcher block, you will need to sand the surface of the wood to remove the top coat of old oil and wax as well as stains, scratches and knife marks. When sanding a wood surface, remember that if you don't sand the top evenly you will end up with "hills" and "valleys" in the top.

All new wood cutting boards we supply are seasoned with Mineral Oil and an added top coat of a hot mineral oil/beeswax solution. This helps to prevent staining and absorption of food odors and bacteria. Proper surface treatment is important to guard against germs or mold growth on both new and older boards. The wood surface needs an oil that can be repeatedly applied to fill the wood pores and repel food particles, liquids, and oils.

Before applying oil to a wood cutting board, warm the oil slightly. Apply oil in a generous amount, allowing the oil to soak in. After applying the oil, let it drip dry (don’t wipe it off yet) and allow oil to soak in for several hours. Then wipe off excess oil with a dry, clean cloth.