Live Edge End Table Osage Orange


Live Edge End Table made from Osage Orange wood.

20 inches in diameter. About 1 1/2 inches thick. Finish is Tung Oil.

This item has been sold. I have more of this wood and should be able to get one or two more end tables out of it. If you want one or two small end tables like this let me me at

Osage Orange is native only to the Southeast. But there are few trees here and there in CA. The wood for this table came from a tree growing in the wilderness southeast of Tehama county, in the Dye Creek Preserve. I was given four stumps of this Osage Orange by the woman who is the manager of the Dye Creek Preserve wilderness area, working for the organization who owns the preserve. She tells me there are more Osage Orange trees they need to take down...check back if you love this wood as much as I do.

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